I have sold a property at 1 5778 MARINE WAY in Sechelt.
Perched overlooking Porpoise Bay near downtown Sechelt, this large unit offers a lovely open concept with some nice views of the inlet and mountains. 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom with hardwood throughout. Walking distance to recreation, marinas, beaches and shopping. The property is tenanted so please allow at least 24 hours for your viewing requests.
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I have listed a new property at 1 5778 MARINE WAY in Sechelt.
Perched overlooking Porpoise Bay near downtown Sechelt, this large unit offers a lovely open concept with some nice views of the inlet and mountains. 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom with hardwood throughout. Walkig distance to recreation, marinas, beaches and shopping. The property is tenanted so please allow at least 24 hours for your viewing requests.
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I have listed a new property at LOT D FRANCIS PENINSULA RD in Pender Harbour.
Situated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast's Francis Peninsula in Pender Harbour, this large south facing property has sweeping views over the strait and Texada Island with Vancouver Island in the distance. There are a variety of building sites and options for this property which is zoned for two dwellings and has a septic tank and field already installed. Bring your dreams and building plans and create a...
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I have sold a property at 6220 SUNSHINE COAST HWY in Sechelt.
Large subdividable parcel is desirable West Sechelt. Able to subdivide immediately into 4 separate properties, eventually up to 8 properties. Rental cottage on property to help with development costs. These southern exposure lots have varying degrees of oceanview.
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Some Key Information for the First time Buyer's Loan Program

By now most of you will have heard that the British Columbia government is providing matching low interest loans to first time buyers. This is a remarkable opportunity for many that have been able to save but perhaps not have quite enough for a downpayment. Here are the details: 


To qualify, buyers must:

  • Be buying their first home;
  • Obtain a high-ratio, insured first mortgage for at least 80 per cent of the purchase price;  ...
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Sunshine Coast Real Estate Homes, Apartments, Condos


Listening to the news these days one is led to believe that things are slowing down, but some perspective on the numbers locally shows very strong underlying demand. Despite a pace of sales which is about half of what we saw last year, two things stand out: First, despite a marginally increasing inventory, the sales vs. listings ratio continues to steadily climb towards a Seller's Market. This is resulting in steady price increases year over year with well over half our detached listings priced...

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From our RE/MAX Oceanview Office:


The April statistics show our Spring market is in full bloom. There were 67 detached homes sold this past month. That’s an increase of 13% over March and the second busiest April in 10 years. The Benchmark Price – that is, the price of an average home in an average area – rose another 2.8% last month to $532,300. This is due mainly to fewer listings, which are down 25% from last year. 

Apartments and townhome sales totaled 23. That...

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Recent media is quite a mixed bag with one pundit admitting that they can spin stats to read any sort of preferred slant.  Shocking!  I guess this is the foundation of “fake news”.  What isn’t fake is that despite lower numbers of sales due of low inventory, there remain a lot of motivated buyers wanting to get into our Sunshine Coast real estate market. 

Markers that have indicated a continued shift towards a “Seller’s Market” on the Sunshine...

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From the office this week: 

"Recently we’ve shown how there is more to our professional listing service than lawn signs and ads in the paper. We talked about our expert advice on staging, pricing and MLS. We covered qualifying buyers, dealing with offers and turning those offers into contracts. But doing this requires a skill that most non-professionals find difficult: negotiation. Many people don’t like negotiating. They find it difficult to advocate their own position and they equate...

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…Is what I would have said if April Fool’s Day fell on Sunday, but it didn’t so there you are!


Despite the wayward weather this winter, the market has been consistently showing a slight trend towards what we call a Seller’s market. With better weather we’re seeing now and our typical Spring market, it is quite apparent that we are heading for an increasingly tight inventory for the next couple of months. Exactly how much that affects the values is yet to be d...

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Buyer’s Market vs a Seller’s Market


Sunshine Coast Real Estate Active Listings Graph



The story going into the 2017 Spring Market is easily the listing count.  Despite hearing reports of markets correcting or facing headwinds, the listing count tells the tale.  And it is amazing how much difference 5 years can make.  While we saw a peak number of listings in 2014, the inventory had crept up after the financial meltdown in 2008 and a distinct lack of buyers meant that sellers were piling up against buyers...

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Weekly Report - March 7-12, 2017

Our brokerage puts out weekly reports highlighting important topics and statistics in Sunshine Coast real estate trends.  Here's the latest from the RE/MAX Oceanview office in Sechelt.



"It takes a lot of skill, training and experience to competently price a home. Agents must know the market inside and out in order to put together a professional evaluation. After all, there is much on the line. Price it too high and your home won’t sell. Price it too low and we leave money on the table.  Of course, it helps to be the top selling office on the Coast since 1996. All those transactions over all those years means our Agents have superior experience and judgment on pricing. The first step is to tour your home. You know your home better than we do, so we’ll be asking a lot of questions. We’ll have our tape measure handy, a plot plan of your property and a note pad. Once our questions have been answered and the data has been jotted down we take everything back to the office and the real work begins. How do recent sales compare to the subject property? Same thing for current listings. What recent trends are developing and who are our likely buyers? Putting all this divergent data together into a coherent professional report takes a lot of skill. But a coherent professional report is exactly what you need to help set your price and handle the negotiations. For more on pricing and everything else about the market, call your RE/MAX Oceanview Agent today."

The Numbers:












0 - 300K

$300K - $500K

$500K - $1M








































453   -   1396





       0 – 11%


          12  -  19%


        20% and up


*The Sales/Listings Ratio is a guide to market conditions. A value below 12% puts downward

pressure on prices. 12 – 19% reflects a balanced market. Over 20% puts upward pressure on prices.


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Snow & Sleet = Slower market


Sometimes the cold and wet seems to put a damper on real estate activity! Earlier this year I suggested that we keep an eye on the number of new homes coming onto the market vs. the number being sold as an indicator of where trends are going. At this point of the year, inventory has been slowly but steadily growing. We have seen about 17 new listings a week versus 11 sales per week for the past couple of months. This is great news for buyers who continue...

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Mixed Signals are becoming routine.


Here we are rapidly approaching the Spring market. It is fair to say the industry is expecting brisk activity, but how the market will actually unfold remains to be seen.  Despite news coming out of the Lower Mainland of a significant slow-down in actual sales, the situation that is not being weighted is the low inventory throughout the region and apparently the Province.  Demand remains strong, and with this lower inventory, basic economics would...

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Sunday Morning Musings – Feb 19, 2017


The signals coming from the Market have been getting stronger and stronger over the past few weeks.  Despite my broker insisting that statistics are demonstrating a more balanced market and lower overall activity, this really doesn’t reflect what we are “feeling” currently.


Buyers remain highly motivated, and prices remain on a steady upward trend.  Good properties are seeing multiple/competing offers immediately....

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The past two week's experience demonstrates what an interesting and dynamic market we are currently in.  I had clients lose out on a competing situation to another party that decided to go "subject free" on their offer of the same amount as my client's.  

Sunshine Coast Real Estate Buyer's Beware Buying Real Estate Property Sechelt

Typically, offers on homes are subject to a number of conditions, such as financing and a clean inspection. These are standard hoops to jump through for all parties that are designed to protect a buyer from making a bad investment,...
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A New Link, New Possibilities?


Talk of a fixed link to the Coast dominated the real estate landscape last year as many Lower Mainland purchasers became aware of the Coast and what was an oversupply in a soft market and began speculating on the upside of the market. This interest and excitement led to the strong numbers we saw in 2016 and it's my prediction we will see more of the same going into the Spring and a Provincial election. 


Will Discussions Continue?


There are quite...

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Consumer Confidence and Trump


While consumer confidence continues to be at high levels in BC, there have been some downward pressure.  Over the years, my Broker has been tracking how Sunshine Coast real estate cycles closely follow what the consumer confidence mood is in the Lower Mainland and British Columbia.


The two major issues that are going to affect how people are feeling - our upcoming provincial election, and Trump.


It will be interesting to watch consumer confidence...

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The real estate market on the Sunshine Coast was very active in 2016.  Here are some of the major highlights that have come from our office.


Detached Homes

  • There were 952 detached homes sold. That’s 194 more than 2015’s total of 758; an increase of just over 25%. The increased activity was reflected in the Benchmark Price – that is, the price of an average home in an average area – which rose 26% last year, to $492,900. 
  • Strong demand, short supply, and a large...
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I have listed a new property at LOT 8 CAMP BURLEY RD in Garden Bay.
Excellent outdoor recreational area and property in Pender Harbour. One of only two undeveloped lots in the subdivision, this strata owns trail access to beautiful Mixal Lake where you can boat, swim, fish or just enjoy the scenery. Camp Burley is on the way to Irvine's Landing and surrounded by ocean and many lakes and other adventure opportunities. The community is 50-50 residents and part-timers so all the modern...
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