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Ever wonder what your agent was up to?

You're not alone.  Transparency in real estate has historically been very difficult to achieve without constant verbal communication.  For clients, this can lead to mistrust.  For agents, this damages relationships with the clients whose interests they are legally required to put first.  This is a lose-lose.  


Combining his passion for technological innovation and his deep belief in the value of trust and transparency, Gord Clayton has developed RealtyNode, a proprietary real estate portal designed to connect his clients to the activities happening with their property. 


RealtyNode provides an dynamic platform to manage your home's legal documents and property-related appointments.  It also provides you up-to-date estimates of your homes value, and features a newsfeed for your agent to keep you informed on recent showings, prospect feedback, and more.  Contact Gord to learn more about how RealtyNode can add to your real estate selling experience today! 


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